All of the professional drivers of Prestige Transport Services, are reliable, always on time, fully aware about the road network in Greece – downtown Athens, the suburbs, ports, travel stations -and have joined the company under strict selection criteria.
Our professional drivers /partners, own years of proven experience, excellent driving behavior, innate politeness, at both personal and professional level and fluency in English.
All of our associates own high standards vehicles, equipped with distinctive conveniences . Furthermore, they offer high quality services , according to the operational rules set by Prestige Transport Services.
The head of the company, a professional driver himself and owner of a professional vehicle, offers constantly his services for over twenty-five years, that is since the beginning of his career, with a sense of duty, reliability, safety, exemplary driving behavior and politeness. These same qualities he has instilled into his colleagues and these qualities determine, as well, the company’s operation.
From the very first track of his long career, he has won his customers’ trust, by traveling with them thousands of kilometers and having as a priority to provide them with security, wellbeing services, punctuality, comfort and privacy.


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